Being user-friendly is always an important feature when it comes to a system this size. There is very little training needed but we do provide substantial training and included in the system is a tutorial video library for your convenience. All the “tabs” or “buttons” that are frequently used are located on a dashboard that is displayed at the top of the page at all times. This system keeps all pertinent information and documentation in one place. Updates, status, file summary, reminders, payments, etc… these and many other functions are located within a single file. Administration has the ability to give their clients access with a secure username and password; as well as being able to select what their users have access to. Users have the ability to transfer or forward information to another user with only a click of the mouse.

Affordability is a major factor in today’s economy and CasetrackerLaw provides you with an affordable solution that is both innovated and versatile at a comparable price.

Casetrackerlaw is truly a versatile machine that takes the daily stress away from you and does the work for you.

Our technology is currently being used in the following venues:
  • Small Mom & Pop Stores… manage accounts receivables.
  • Corporations….manage receivables and allow collectors to work remotely.
  • Law firms… manage day to day activity, electronic filing & document storage.
  • Collection Agencies...manage the day to day operation of the firm and forward claims.
  • Debt Buyers… manage and move claims to attorneys or collection agency electronically.
  • Medical and Doctor Offices…remotely collect and file complaint and summons with court.
  • State Level Courts...Manage the compliance requirements by the state and day to day activity
  • Check Cashing Stores...Manage multi stores and run the day to day collection activity
  • Tenant Management...Large tenant collection procedures
  • Auto Recovery and Towing: Lizard Lick – TruTV reality show.

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Customer Testimonials
The software is very easy to use and has allowed my sales representatives to work remotely from their various locations.
Les Kirschbaum, President
ANI International, Inc.
know how it works..