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Customizable for Law Firms, Collection Agencies, Debt Buyers, Forwarders, Corporations, and Small Businesses

Cloud Based

Access from any device or browser at anytime. No need to install to your computer, so no IT headaches


Top of the line hardware and policy. SOC2 Compliant, Encryption-at-rest, PCI Compliance, Advanced Firewalls, Penetration Tested, and more


It's an easy to use system, but we'll train you anyway. Training videos also available 24/7.

Custom Dashboards

With several dozen navigational options, customize the features you want front and center, as well as limit which features are available to your clients and debtors.

Smarter Reporting

Generate over 75 customizable reports to easily drill down into the information important to you.

Auto-Generating PDFs

Create your own letter and PDF templates that autopopulate claim information to save tons of time sending notices and court forms.

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